Earth Fairy™ Films are a series of films starring Kim Sheridan as the Earth Fairy™. These short and sweet films bring to light many of the issues facing our Earth and its inhabitants. The Earth Fairy™ is here to educate and lead us to a more sustainable world. The Earth Fairy™ Films bring a lightness and humor to very serious issues, allowing the Earth Fairy’s™ important message to be received by all.

The first Earth Day was in 1970. That was many decades ago. Since then, despite the calls to action put forth by environmentally conscious people, our landfills have continued filling up; our air, water, and land have been poisoned more than ever; forests have continued to be destroyed; radiation has caused tremendous devastation; bees (who are essential to life on Earth) have been dying at alarming rates; lust for oil has caused enormous human and environmental casualties; and even mountains are being literally blown up for the coal that lies within them.

Humanity has desecrated the Earth in a very short time, and life as we know it and live it today cannot be sustained for much longer. This is the hard, cold reality. Something’s got to give. We cannot wait for politicians to save the Earth. Many of them are threatened by, bought off by, or in bed with the very industries that are creating this enormous devastation for their own selfish interests and enormous profits. We the people don’t have their billions of dollars, but most of us do have a conscience. Most of us do know right from wrong. So, if there is any hope for the continuation of life on Earth for the long haul, then it is up to us – each one of us – to Go Green Already!™

The Earth Fairy™ wants to help people take the actions necessary to turn things around and literally save the Earth . . . or more accurately, to help save life on Earth. To become a part of this green revolution, please join our email list or take a look around this site and get involved. The time is now.