Plight of the Earth Fairy™ (The Film)


Plight of the Earth Fairy™ was created as part of the 48-Hour Film Project, in which a short narrative film — containing several very specific elements — had to be written, filmed, and produced within 48 hours. This is one of the first films produced by EnLighthouse Entertainment. Kim Sheridan founded EnLighthouse with the goal of spotlighting important and often obscure issues that affect us and our world but are often overlooked or altogether unknown. It is Kim’s intention to inspire new ways of thinking, and to effect positive change, through humor and the power of film. Plight of the Earth Fairy™ tackles some of the more controversial issues in today’s environmental crisis, and it does so through humor and lighthearted entertainment. The goal is to inspire viewers to learn more, pay attention, take responsibility, and get involved. It’s just a small film, but the information it presents has the potential to make a big difference.